a bit about me:

I'm a believer in helping to create a better world for our children to inherit.  In today's world such a belief system has at times been a handicap, wanting to do right by others, wanting to succeed on my own efforts rather than taking the easy way out.

For myself, it wasn't good enough just to serve in the Army, I wanted to be the best, and so I became a Ranger.  It wasn't good enough to just get any job when I left the Army, and so I went to work as a Director of Energy, Housing, and Green Jobs, as Director of Weatherization, I took the types of positions that allowed me to put my abilities to use to help others.


They weren't the easiest roads to travel, there were roadblocks and unexpected challenges, transitioning from more than a decade of military life to the outside world where politics and power plays took on a whole new meaning was indeed an eye opening shift to my understanding how the world worked.

I am a father of two boys, that I have tried to do my best for, and sometimes that has required setting aside my own goals and projects to see to their needs and interests.  And it is with them, and all future generations in mind, that I now endeavor.

But enough about me, what is this site about?

This is my small part in trying to shed light on an astounding, a brilliant and relatively new company that is trying to do great things.

Workhorse lives and breathes what other companies preach.  There are some big name corporations out there that claim they are in business to make the world a better place, to bring great new technology to all, to turn dreams into reality, and they have amassed billions selling that pitch to others.  And I'll get around to talking about them, and the reality, eventually.

Workhorse is the opposite of that, I had to dig deep in researching EV companies to even find out they existed, this company isn't all talk, and no walk.  This company is already walking, but doing little in the way of talking.

So I want to do my small part to help expose all the great things Workhorse is doing, and to try and get others to believe in them like I do.